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Arts and Heritage (5/0)

Architecture, Musicology and Musicians, Martial Heritage, Arts and Artists, Gurmukhi Calligraphy

Other Historical Places (4/0)

Punjab, India, Pakistan, World

Gurudwaras (4/20)

Historic Gurdwaras in Punjab, Historic Gurdwaras outside Punjab, Historic Gurdwaras in Pakistan, Gurudwaras of the World

Social Institutions and Movements (7/0)

Educational institutions, Research institutions, Traditional Sikh schools, Sikh reformist movements, Sikh political institutions and movements, Gurdwara Management committees, Social and voluntary organisations

Philosophy, Spirituality and Ethics (6/2)

Theology, Metaphysics, Moral codes and Sikh practices, Philosophy, Mythological references, Political Philosophy

Sikh Scriptures and Literature (7/0)

Sri Guru Granth Sahib and Guru Gobind Singh's Bani, Bhai Gurdas and the early Sikh literature, Eighteenth century Literature, Nineteenth century Literature, Writings by non-Sikhs on Sikhs and Punjab, Literature in the Singh Sabha movement, Modern works on Sikhs and Sikhism

Historical Events in Sikh History (7/0)

In the times of Gurus [1469 - 1708], The establishment of the Khalsa Panth [1699], Sikh Confederacies [1708 - 1769], Sikh struggle against Mughal empire [1708 - 1799], The Sikh Empire [1799 - 1839], The British and Sikhs [1849 - 1947], The Modern History of Sikhs [1947 - present]

Biographical (10/0)

Sikh Gurus, Hindu bhagats and poets, and Punjabi officials, Muslims rulers and Sufi saints, Modern Scholars of Sikhism, Sikh Mystics and Traditional scholars, Famous Women , Sikh Political figures, Famous Sikh personalities, Sikh Martyrs, European adventurers, scholars and officials

Administrators (0/0)

World Gurudwaras

Gateway to Sikhism proudly launches  Gurudwaras of World on auspicious day of Khalsa Sajna Divas , Vaisakhi April 14th 2012.  will strive to be most comprehensive directory of Historical Gurudwaras and Non Historical Gurudwaras around the world.

The etymology of the term 'gurdwara' is from the words 'Gur (ਗੁਰ)' (a reference to the Sikh Gurus) and 'Dwara (ਦੁਆਰਾ)' (gateway in Gurmukhi), together meaning 'the gateway through which the Guru could be reached'. Thereafter, all Sikh places of worship came to be known as gurdwaras.

All About Sikhs is a comprehensive web site on sikhism, sikh history and philosophy, customs and rituals,sikh way of life, social and religious movements, art and architecture, sikh scriptures,sikh gurudwaras.

Based on the belief in One God, the Sikh religion recognizes the equality of all human beings, and is marked by rejection of idolatry, ritualism, caste and asceticism. This website serves to heighten the awareness of Sikhism and hopefully can be of some use to seekers of knowledge.

Search Gurbani brings to you a unique and comprehensive approach to explore and experience the word of God. It has the Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji, Amrit Kirtan Gutka, Bhai Gurdaas Vaaran, Sri Dasam Granth Sahib and Kabit Bhai Gurdas . You can explore these scriptures page by page, by chapter index or search for a keyword in either one or all of the scriptures. The Reference section includes Mahankosh, Guru Granth Kosh, Hukumnama Index and exegesis like Faridkot Teeka, Guru Granth Darpan and lot more.